Research Seminar

Special Lectures


Prof. Cory Shulman and Dr. Judah Koller

UJA- Federation of New York

May 2017


Prof. Francesca Happe

Thinking of Developmental Effects of 'Mind Blindness'

in Autism Spectrum Conditions


Family Education Day 2016

Prof. Cory Shulman-

Research applications for challenges in daily life



Ms. Rotem Rosen-

Transitional programs for adolescents and adults with high functioning autism



Ms. Sandra Israel Yaakov- 

A group, cognitive-behavioral intervention mediated by parents:

Acquisition of social skills for children, adolescents and adults with ASD






Dr. Judah Koller-

Autism in preschoolers: What do we know and where are we going?



Dr. Michal Begin-

Pharmacological intervention in ASD



Knesset Member Karin Elharrar




















Family Education Day 2017



Prof. Cory Shulman


Advances in evidence based intervention​ in ASD​

Dr. Judah Koller


Expert Panel: Approache​s to intervention for individuals with ASD

Dr. Aliza Vig, Dr. Tali Gev and Mr. Eyal Cohen


Parent​s' experiences​ in an intervention program in ASD kindergartens in Jerusalem: Evaluation methods

Ms. Michal Lewis

We apologize for the poor quality of the video


Goals and ​challenges for adults with 'high functioning' ASD

Dr. Susan Levinger

The whys, hows and value of participating in autism research

 Ms. Connie Putterman: Leading Canadian advocate, Mother of a child with ASD

FileConnie Putterman- Written speech in English.docx

FileConnie Putterman- Written speech translated to Hebrew .docx

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Professional Education Day 2017


Dr. Mor Nahum - The changing brain 

Luna speaks out - A personal story


Mr. Netanel Miller High functioning ASD: The contribution of research to practice


Mr. Ami Lavi -  Treatment setting: Theory and practice


Dr. Tal Mazor-Karsenty & Mrs. Batel Wachspress - 

ParentSHIP: Coaching for parents of adults with high functioning autism, program, based on occupational therapy principles


Dr. Itai Berger - Autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit disorder