Research Seminar

Monthly seminars provide a venue for learning about research and clinical innovations, as well as for gathering as a community to hear about ongoing and upcoming projects. Speakers at our seminar have included experts in ASD and related neurodevelopmental disorders from around the university and the country. These seminars are open to the broader community.

All of our seminars are filmed and available to watch here on our website.

Family Education Day 2016

Research applications for challenges in daily life
Prof. Cory Shulman
Transitional programs for adolescents and adults with high functioning autism
Ms. Rotem Rosen


A group, cognitive-behavioral intervention mediated by parents: Acquisition of social skills for children, adolescents and adults with ASD
Ms. Sandra Israel Yaakov
Autism in preschoolers: What do we know and where are we going?
Dr. Judah Koller


Pharmacological intervention in ASD
Dr. Michal Begin

Knesset Member Karin Elharrar

Family Education Day 2017


Prof. Cory Shulman

Advances in evidence based intervention​ in ASD​
Dr. Judah Koller

Expert Panel: Approache​s to intervention for individuals with ASD

Dr. Aliza Vig, Dr. Tali Gev and Mr. Eyal Cohen

Parent​s' experiences​ in an intervention program in ASD kindergartens in Jerusalem: Evaluation methods
Ms. Michal Lewis

Goals and ​challenges for adults with 'high functioning' ASD
Dr. Susan Levinger

The whys, hows and value of participating in autism research
Ms. Connie Putterman: Leading Canadian advocate, Mother of a child with ASD


Family Education Day - 2018

Professional Education Day 2017

The changing brain

Dr. Mor Nahum

A personal story​
Luna speaks out


High functioning ASD: The contribution of research to practice

Mr. Netanel Miller

Treatment setting: Theory and practice
Mr. Ami Lavi


ParentSHIP: Coaching for parents of adults with high functioning autism, program, based on occupational therapy principles
Dr. Tal Mazor-Karsenty & Mrs. Batel Wachspress

Autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit disorder
Dr. Itai Berger


Professional Education Day - 2018

Gathering for people with autism

Special Lectures

 Prof. Cory Shulman and Dr. Judah Koller
UJA- Federation of New York
May 2017
 Prof. Francesca Happe
Thinking of Developmental Effects of 'Mind Blindness' in Autism Spectrum Conditions
 Dr. Anna Remington and Dr. Sola Shelly

Shifting Perspective: From Research “on” to Research “with” the Autistic Community

February 2019