Advanced Clinical Care

The Autism Center at The Hebrew University has partnered with the Autism Clinic at Hadassah Medical Center and the Jerusalem Center for Mental Health/Ministry of Health. This provides us with an expert-level clinic to refer children and families to where they will receive evidence-based evaluations of the highest caliber. The clinic serves as a platform for researchers in need of a clinical population, with the opportunity to integrate various research projects into the standard clinical protocol. Within the clinic there will be opportunities for advanced students in the university to complete internships, fellowships and other training experiences at the clinic. The data generated from the individuals seen in the clinic will serve as an essential resource for university researchers.

The Autism Center will also offer clinical intervention services including evidence-based parent-mediated intervention, a service which has not yet been introduced in Israel. This has been identified as a specific gap in the services that families receive from the Ministries of Education, Health and Welfare. Additional clinical offerings will include support groups for parents, siblings and grandparents as well as social skills groups for school-age children, adolescents and young adults with ASD.

The Autism Center has fostered collaborations with service agencies throughout the Israeli healthcare system (HMO’s, specialized clinics, etc.), and Ministries of Education, Health and Welfare to support and expand the services they provide to those with ASD.