Research at the Center includes cooperative, interdisciplinary research programs spanning biomedical, basic and clinical research projects. These projects are run by the researchers from the Center with national and international collaborations, focusing on understanding developmental functioning and underlying mechanisms of autism, while building a longitudinal database following development over time.

Our researchers' areas of expertise range from the foundations of brain development, genetic transmission of autism, physiological and molecular comparisons between ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders,  to behavioral science including characterization of ASD at different ages, longitudinal studies following developmental trajectories and distinct behavioral profiles at different ages, as well as screening, diagnosis, the study of core and associated features of ASD, the experience of family members coping with ASD and evaluation of service provision. 

In addition to each researcher’s current efforts, a central goal of The Autism Center is to foster innovative interdisciplinary research collaborations in an attempt to better answer core questions in the field of ASD and transmit that knowledge into applied settings. To that end, The Autism Center has a clear policy making data collected from the clinic, and other research projects available to researchers within The Autism Center. Opening the data represents our belief in an additive model of collaboration: The more we share, the more we know.

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