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Overview of ADOS-2 Training

Professor Cory Shulman is a certified trainer for the Autism Observation Schedule-2nd edition (ADOS-2). The ADOS, authored by Catherine Lord and colleagues, is a semi-structured, standardized diagnostic evaluation instrument that is used to accurately assess and diagnose autism spectrum disorders in individuals of all ages suspected of having autism. The ADOS-2 encompasses a range of developmentally and chronologically age-appropriate activities that can be used across a variety of ages, language abilities, and developmental levels. It offers a variety of interesting, standardized contexts in which observation of social, communicative, restrictive, and repetitive behaviors can occur. Observations of these behaviors in social and communicative interactions are coded and the codes are mapped onto an algorithm from which an ASD diagnosis may be ascertained. 

We offer different ADOS-2 trainings: 
(1) 3-day introductory trainings, which are a prerequisite to all other ADOS-2 trainings.
(2) 3-day advanced trainings for those professionals who want to become more proficient in their use of the ADOS-2 and wish to obtain reliability in administration and coding the ADOS-2.
(3) one-day trainings for the use of toddler module of the ADOS-2 and (4) one day refresher trainings to watch and discuss administrations and coding of two modules. 
In order to participate in any of the other trainings, participation in the introductory training is necessary, during which participants are introduced to the administration and scoring of Modules 1-4. They: 

-    Observe the administration of ADOS-2
-    Recognize red flags for behaviors that are indicative of a diagnosis of ASD
-    Discuss and practice coding of the ADOS-2
-    Practice using the algorithm to determine autism classification
-    Select different modules appropriate for use with individuals of
     different ages and language levels 
-    Develop assessment skills to evaluate individuals to rule out autism

Throughout the workshop, a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, videos, scoring discussions and live administration of the instrument will be employed.

The trainings are geared for those professionals who can diagnose ASD in Israel, (i.e., psychiatrists, heads of child family clinics, family doctors and pediatricians, neurologists, clinical psychologists, developmental psychologists, rehabilitative psychologists, neuropsychologists, and educational psychologists). Other professionals, including speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, social workers, graduate students, and other autism specialists may not use the ADOS-2 for diagnostic purposes but can participate in the trainings if there is room.

Modules 1-4 training fee: 1,800 NIS
Toddler Module training fee: 700 NIS 
Advanced Module training fee: 3,200 NIS
One day refresher training fee:  500 NIS
Please note that there will be no refund once the payment is processed.

Interested professionals can contact us with questions or comments at: